Correspondent Connection: Erin Scavuzzo
by Marketing & Communications

February 15, 2018

Welcome to the fourth edition of Correspondent Connection! Get to know Erin Scavuzzo, National Correspondent Regional Sales Manager. From the quality control Plaza offers, to going to great lengths to accommodate training needs, learn more about how choosing Plaza's National Correspondent division can help your business! 

What do you think our National Correspondent team does particularly well?

"I think the service we provide clients is above and beyond our competition. We constantly look for ways to improve the client experience and make changes quickly when we recognize a shortfall. Our operations staff and sales support teams are the reason sales has been able to succeed. We really couldn’t purchase the volume that we do without their commitment to helping our clients with whatever they need."

How has our Certified Loan Program helped clients? 

"The Certified Loan Program has helped our clients in multiple ways. First, for those clients who have been able to enforce the insurance on a loan defect, it has benefitted them monetarily. I’ve seen clients save $70K plus with the Certified Loan Program. Another way it has helped clients is that it brings to the forefront any issues in their process very quickly. Because we quality control all of our clients' files, we are able to point out if there are issues with their loans, which allows them to change a process and fix the gap."

What resources does our National Correspondent division provide to educate and train clients? 

"We have an abundance of recorded training available to our clients on our website, which they can take whenever it is convenient for them. We also do live webinars throughout each month. I’ve also been lucky enough to have Ragen Cunningham, Plaza's National Renovation Lending Manager, visit clients to present renovation training in their office. Clients are so appreciative that we go the extra length to accommodate their training needs."

In what ways does Plaza’s National Correspondent team differ from competitors?

"Plaza’s Correspondent division has always had the ability to make changes quickly because we are privately owned and don’t have to go through the red tape of a bank or private equity firm. A lot of our competition are big banks or are owned by private equity firms, so they take a lot longer to adapt to industry changes or make exceptions where needed. Clients look to Plaza when they have a product or service that needs quick implementation, and partner with us to execute."

How long have you been with Plaza and what do you enjoy most about working here?

"I will have been with Plaza for 6 years in March 2018. From the beginning, Plaza has always been an entrepreneurial company that encourages all associates to grow the business and share ideas that will make the client experience better. This entrepreneurial spirit is so helpful for the sales team, as it allows us to go out and consider multiple avenues in order to grow our business, knowing that we have a team behind us that will support reasonable requests (ie. delivery methods, products, pricing strategies). It’s always nice to say 'YES' to our clients when they have new ideas."

Click here to learn more about Plaza's National Correspondent division, or to apply to become an approved Correspondent partner.

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