Correspondent Connection
by Marketing & Communications

December 1, 2017

Welcome to Plaza's first Correspondent Connection! In this series, you will learn how connecting with Plaza as a Correspondent Partner can help take your business to the next level. This week, meet Kirk McClain, National Correspondent Regional Sales Manager.

What do you think our National Correspondent team does particularly well? 

"As an independent mortgage banker ourselves, we really go above and beyond trying to provide the right product, price, service, and information our client base deserves."

How has our Certified Loan Program helped clients? 

"There are a lot of short-term memories in our industry right now, but through the Certified Loan Program, Plaza Correspondent Lending helps our clients mitigate risk exposure on every loan we purchase. Our Certified Loan Program provides the assurance our clients need by giving them piece of mind, so that they sleep better at night. As a result, many clients let us price match, so they still receive the best execution available to them, while also reducing repurchase risk. It is a great win-win for everyone."

What resources does National Correspondent provide to educate and train clients? 

"Plaza’s training department is head and shoulders above the competition. Our monthly webinar calendar is filled with excellent information. It is all live and also recorded, so if time does not permit attendance, our clients always have access to it through our website." 

In what ways does Plaza’s National Correspondent team differ from competitors? 

"We are all independent mortgage bankers with years of experience. We have grown organically over the past five plus years, and are still considered in growth mode. We are not a bank, we have no private equity money behind us, so we really wake up every morning excited about the mortgage business and helping our clients."

How long have you been with Plaza, and what do you enjoy most about working here? 

"I have been with Plaza since February 1, 2012, when we started the National Correspondent Division. We began with nothing but the guidance and support of the executive management team here at Plaza, and it has been the most fun and rewarding five plus years in my career. Actually helping to build something from the ground up has been incredible. A total dream job."

Click here to learn more about Plaza's National Correspondent Division, or to apply to become an approved Correspondent Partner.

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