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Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc. is a licensed mortgage lender. Plaza Home Mortgage may elect to retain servicing of loans or transfer loans to a new servicer. This is not a reflection on our borrowers or their properties, and it does not effect the terms or conditions of any loan other than those directly related to the servicing of the loan. If the servicing of your loan is transferred, you will be notified by Plaza in writing and you will receive welcome information from the new servicer.

If your loan was recently funded by Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc., you may enter your loan number below to be directed to the customer service center that can assist you with questions regarding your account. If you are unable to find your loan please call our customer service center at 877-801-2445.

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Please note that Plaza Home Mortgage transfers all loans to our servicing center or to our investor servicing centers. Entering your loan information above will direct you to the servicing center that can assist you with specific questions regarding your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My first payment is coming due and I haven't received a statement or notice of transfer yet. Where should I send my payment?
A. Enter your loan information above to see your current servicer information.

Q. Can I make payments online or via ACH transfer?
A. Because we may transfer the servicing of our loans after closing, we suggest you make your first two payments with a check or money order. Once your loan transfers, you will be provided with information regarding additional payment options and online resources by your servicer.

Q. I received a Transfer Sale of Loan Notice, what do I do?
A. The Transfer Sale of Loan Notice informs you that your loan is being transferred to a new servicer. Please take time to read the letter carefully, as it contains specific instruction about the new servicer of your loan as well as instructions about when to begin making your payments to the new servicer and where to mail your payments. Additionally, the Transfer Sale of Loan Notice contains the new servicer's customer service hours, toll free telephone number and mailing address for written correspondence.

Q. I already made my payment to Plaza but just received a transfer notice saying I should have paid a new servicer. What will happen to my payment?
A. When your check is received your account will be reviewed to determine whether Plaza or a new servicer should receive the funds. If they are due to the new servicer, Plaza will endorse your check and forward it via overnight mail to the new servicer.

Q. I made my payment to Plaza and you had to forward it to a new servicer. What happens if it's late?
A. During the 60-day period beginning on the effective date of the transfer, the payment may not be treated as late if you mistakenly send it to the old mortgage servicer instead of the new one.

Q. How do I request a payoff statement on my loan?
A. You must submit a written request to your current servicer. If you are not sure who your servicer is, click HERE to be directed to the customer service center than can best assist you.

Q. Year End Tax Forms: When will I receive my year end tax form?
A. 1098 Interest tax forms are mailed out each year no later than January 31st.

203K (Home Rehabilitation Loan) Servicing

Your primary loan servicer, as described above, handles all aspects of your loan servicing except that which is directly related to obtaining final disbursement of your rehabilitation funds. Plaza Home Mortgage Corporate Customer Service will administer the 203K disbursement processing. When your loan closes you should receive a welcome package describing the process and your responsibilities for submitting required documentation and obtaining necessary inspections to process the final disbursement. The welcome package will be sent to your property address unless you contact us with an alternate mailing address. If you do not receive the package within 10 days or have any further questions relating to that process, you may click HERE to complete the e-mail contact form or call us at 888-807-2620.
  • Once all work is completed on your home and you are satisfied with the work, the following items must be submitted to Plaza in order to start the process of the final disbursement:
    1. Signed and dated Homeowner’s Notice of Work Completion
    2. Final Contractor Invoices or Self-Help Receipts
    • If a contractor(s) performed any or all work:
      • Contractor(s) final invoice on company letterhead.
      • Final invoice format should be: Initial amount, minus the amount received and what is now due. If any additional work was completed, this must be broken down by cost of labor and material.
    • If you signed a Self-Help Agreement:
      • You must submit paid receipts for all permits, fees, building materials and building supplies
      • Proof of payment; bank statements, canceled check or credit card receipts showing your name
      • Itemized spreadsheet
  • Please submit these items to Plaza by fax 858-677-6741, email customerservice@plazahomemortgage.com, or mail to: Plaza Home Mortgage Inc. Attn: Customer Service, 4820 Eastgate Mall, Ste. 100, San Diego, CA 92121. Once these items are received Plaza will order the home inspection and the home inspector will contact you to schedule the final inspection.
  • The final disbursement will be sent out within 10 business days from the date the final inspection is received by Plaza.
  • To view the full FHA Streamlined 203K Disbursement Guide click HERE
  • For a copy of the Homeowner’s Notice of Completion click HERE