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Dedicated Correspondent Sales and Operations Support

Our National Correspondent Sales and Operations staff knows your market and your business challenges because they are completely focused on the needs of correspondent partners. Backed by best-in-class resources, each Plaza Correspondent Account Executive is empowered to provide you with personal attention and resources to help you be more successful. With no retail channel to compete for your business, our business is completely focused on helping you take your business to the next level.

For more information, please email or call 858.404.0166.

Certified Loan Program

Plaza Home Mortgage's Certified Loan Program protects our correspondent partners from loan manufacturing defects such as underwriting errors, fraud and misrepresentations, including defects from compliance, miscalculation of income, occupancy, undisclosed debts and appraisal issues. Plaza Home Mortgage helps protect our correspondent lenders at no additional cost to them, thus substantially mitigating correspondent repurchase risk.

Catering to the Business Needs of Correspondent Partners

Plaza offers correspondent partners the options of doing business their way:

  • Full FNMA/FHLMC/FHA/VA/USDA program offerings
  • Flexible delivery options: Best-Efforts, Single Loan Mandatory, Bulk, Direct Trade
  • Bulk Assignment of Trade (AOT) through our Mandatory trade desk
  • We never compete with you. We have no traditional retail, no consumer-direct
  • Extended locks with float down option
  • Industry-leading pay-ups for Agency loan amounts less than $150K
  • Delegated delivery method
  • Non-delegated delivery options also available

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Yesterday, today, and five years from now

Our relationship with Plaza was here yesterday, today, and it will be here five years from now.
Midwest-based Correspondent Client, June 2019
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Comfort level to keep selling

If it wasn't for Plaza, I think we'd end up retaining a lot more of our loans. Having Plaza out there gives us that comfort level to keep selling.
East Coast-based Correspondent Client, June 2019
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Teamwork and great communication

This is what I call teamwork and great communication, thanks Plaza!
Southwest-based Correspondent Client, July 2019
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They actually want their clients to succeed

Plaza does an outstanding job of making clients feel comfortable and it's clear they actually want their clients to succeed.
West Coast-based Correspondent Client, July 2019