It's just easier when you partner with someone that truly understands your needs. Don't take our word for it, hear it directly from our business partners. Provided below are some recent examples of what our business partners have been saying about working with Plaza Home Mortgage.

  This loan was perfect from start to finish The loan app was taken on Jan. 13th and CTC with CD out and approved on the 25th. Job well done by all who touched the file from set-ups to closing.  

— Debra J. - Loan Originator - Florida

  One of the things I really love about Plaza is the consistency in underwriting. I know what to expect and how to satisfy conditions which makes me look good and makes my life easier. In addition, the disclosure process, docs and funding are running like a well oiled machine, even with TRID. You guys are on fire!  

— Lauren H. - Loan Originator - Oregon

  I love working with Plaza. After 11 years in the mortgage business, I can say hands down that Plaza is the best lender I have worked with. Andy is a great Account Executive. We aren't one of his bigger accounts, but he never makes us feel that way.  

— Angela W. – Loan Processor – Minnesota

  Just the BEST! Plaza presents an unbelievable experience from set up to funding. Everyone is so nice, professional and knowledgeable. They are always trying to render a helping hand. Thank YOU so much for making us look like Rockstars!  

— Rudy L. – Loan Originator – Texas

  I needed this loan to close in record breaking time and needed my client to be taken care of. The only place I could trust to do that was Plaza. I cannot say 'Thank You' enough! So happy to be playing with the A team at Plaza.  

— Shannon U. – Loan Originator – Indiana

  You guys do so many things well and I love Plaza Home Mortgage. The customer service from any corner of the company is so pleasant and consistent. You guys work very hard to get the loan to closing and that is evident!  

— John L. – Loan Originator – Maryland

  We actually closed a VA loan in 2 weeks and 4 days – pretty remarkable! Well executed, including a couple of last minute minor hiccups – resolved seamlessly. Thank you very much! Pretty neat closing, the attorney was a Vietnam Vet, the borrower was a 2004-2011 veteran in hot operating zones; and it was 9/11 – no better way to say 'thanks' to those who served.  

— George P. – Loan Originator – North Carolina

  This file made it through the system very quickly, in all areas. We were able to close this purchase deal 3 weeks early. The Realtors, Escrow Officer and borrowers were VERY impressed with us. Thank you, Plaza, for making us look so good.  

— Kathy F. – Loan Originator – California

  Working with Plaza is as pain-free as it gets these days. Thank you all.  

— Vic J. – Loan Originator – California

  As a team, everyone continues to impress. I am always grateful to my Account Executive, Murender, who stays in touch, offering guidance and care. To all of the team, thank you much!  

— John F. – Loan Originator - California

  This loan was SO smooth! I can't thank you enough TEAM PLAZA!! WOW! Loved the "no funding conditions!"  

— Mindy M. - Loan Originator - California

  Plaza Denver has the most amazing staff. Don't think I would survive this business if not for all of them.  

— Lani B. - Loan Originator - Colorado

  This was our very first transaction with Plaza Home Mortgage. Without knowing your system, we were able to close a loan with speed and efficiency. Usually with a new lender, the first few transactions are a little shaky. With Plaza, we experienced no issues or delays. Everyone at your company was very helpful. We plan on using your company on a regular basis in the future.  

— Michael T. - Loan Originator - Florida

  So - another story - recently widowed veteran's wife, now single mom raising young son, never thought she could fulfill her late husband's wishes to own a home for their son; you folks made the mid-course corrections needed to wrap this up - she was ecstatic and in tears at the closing. This is why I enjoy what I do - and all of you make it possible. Thank you.  

— George P. - Loan Originator - North Carolina

  Another great job by Team Plaza from top to bottom. They are such a great team and made the process easy. Any time we have a question for our AE, U/W, Jr U/W or CSR, they are always there to help and respond fast, which is key in our line of work. Thanks again and job well done!  

— Brian T. - Sales Support Manager - Massachusetts

  At a time when we were stressed and overwhelmed, Randy, Darren and Steve (aka Stephen) took the bull by the horns and made an extra special effort to give us the assistance and support we needed to get this very stressful, "Time is of the Essence" deal done. Whomever reads and/or critiques these reviews please do not let this go unacknowledged.  

— Brent K. - Loan Processor - Florida

  The entire process was smooth and speedy without any delays! It was a great experience! Thanks everyone!  

— Leon T. – Loan Originator - Wisconsin

  Everyone was counting on me to get it done, and I was counting on Plaza. Everyone on the Plaza team told me it could be done and they'd make sure it happened…and they came through completely. Happy clients, even happier agents taking the experience back to their brokerages. Can't ask for more than that!  

— Pete O. – Loan Originator - California

  If there was a way to give this team 10+ stars, I would. They are all Plaza rock stars! Every thing from start to finish was done well. You should write a book on how to get loans through in a busy month.  

— Antoinette F. – Loan Originator – California

  Everybody moved this file along well. One set of conditions and then clear to close. The team did an awesome job getting it done. Not only did we close on time, we closed 10 days early. Good job, everyone!  

— Terlin J. – Loan Originator – North Carolina

  We can always count on Plaza to meet COE dates. They are always willing to work with us. Everyone is easy to work with from start to finish. We have a sense of security when we send our loans to you. Plaza is our absolute favorite lender!  

— Karen H. – Loan Processor – Arizona

  You just saved a decorated disabled Veteran who served this Nation with honor, integrity and incredible bravery. You all did an amazing job in putting this Veteran in a much better financial situation. Thank you for serving this Veteran and getting this loan done.  

— Antoinette F. – Loan Originator – California

  This loan was approved and funded within 5 days! Outstanding job by the entire staff to make this happen. I never get tired of saying… Plaza Rocks!  

— Robyn M. – Loan Processor – Nevada

  My Account Executive, Daniel Mulcahy, is the best I deal with! I have lots of choices, but Plaza always gets my first look!  

— Andy M. – Loan Originator – Ohio

  Plaza once again...ROCKS! The speed of service for drawing docs, review and funding is AWESOME! Especially helpful when we're at the end of the transaction.  

— Robyn M. – Loan Processor – Nevada

  As always Plaza is such a pleasure to work with. When anything comes up, everyone works to find a solution. From the AE, uw, jr u/w and closing.  

— Brian T. - Sales Support Manager - Massachusetts

  Plaza closes on time, even if we were in a bind. The whole team effort of working together to go from a clear to close and funding in one day. Other lenders need to learn what Plaza does, the best in the industry. I always recommend Plaza to all of our Florida Brokers.  

— Sana M. - Loan Originator - Florida

  The entire team did an amazing job with a difficult file and my team's first 203K transaction. You have a great team. THANK YOU!  

— Brian R. - Loan Originator - Florida

  You cared about my client. That's rare these days.   

— Lisa P. - Loan Originator - Florida