Correspondent Connection: Melanie Coulton
by Marketing & Communications

March 23, 2018

Welcome to the next installation of Correspondent Connection! In this edition, get to know Melanie Coulton, Regional Sales Manager. She discusses how Plaza is a true partner to correspondent clients, the value of the Certified Loan Program, and what she enjoys about working with our correspondent team!

What do you think our National Correspondent team does particularly well?

"Plaza National Correspondent is great because we’re able to really listen to our partners. I think we stand out from some of our competition in our ability to receive feedback and actually put it to use. This allows us to improve our process and the overall experience of working with Plaza Home Mortgage for our clients. It’s so great working with a team when you know the answer won’t always be 'no'!"


How has our Certified Loan Program helped clients? 

"No one wants to deal with a loss, but in this industry, mistakes and issues can happen. I’ve seen our clients substantially reduce their losses in those unavoidable cases through the rep & warranty relief of our Certified Loan Program. That peace of mind and reduced exposure has triggered many of our clients to push more volume to Plaza. They look for ways to partner with us, knowing the unique value this rep & warranty relief provides. Who wouldn’t want their sold production to be safer?!"


What resources does our National Correspondent division provide to educate and train clients? 

"Plaza’s live monthly webinar schedule is impressive. We offer different trainings each month to highlight some of the great products we offer, including renovation lending and reverse lending. We also collaborate with industry partners to dig into broader industry topics. Our webinars are constantly being updated, and we record them so you can always fit them into your schedule. The customizable marketing materials we offer are easy to use and allow you to put the product knowledge from the webinar to immediate use!"


In what ways does Plaza’s National Correspondent team differ from competitors?

"Having come from a big bank previously, I noticed the cultural difference at Plaza immediately. We are private and understand the needs of our correspondent clients at a much different level. It allows us to see things from their perspective and look for ways to add value to our partners. We don’t have a retail division, so we’re not competing with our clients for borrowers' business. This allows us to be a true partner!"


How long have you been with Plaza and what do you enjoy most about working here?

"I’ve been with Plaza a little over 5 years. I love looking back and seeing how far our National Correspondent team has come. Our operations team is truly amazing. The changes and improvements they’ve implemented are the number one reason we’ve been able to grow as much as we have. It’s easy to talk to prospective clients about working with Plaza when you know how awesome our support is behind the scenes. The company encourages us all to contribute and bring new ideas to the table, and it creates such a refreshing environment for its associates and clients!"

Click here to learn more about Plaza's National Correspondent division, or to apply to become an approved correspondent partner.

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