Plaza Recognized as a Top Mortgage Lender
by Marketing & Communications

June 14, 2017

This year, Scotsman Guide celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Top Mortgage Lenders rankings. At this milestone, they recognize how the mortgage-lending industry’s growth has been mirrored in their past and current rankings.

Thanks to relatively low interest rates and appreciating home values – among other factors – many mortgage lenders have seen their production numbers surge since 2012. And this year’s rankings, which are based on 2016 lending volumes, are no exception. Higher production volumes marked all three lending sectors that they rank: retail, wholesale, and correspondent.

Scotsman Guide’s Top Mortgage Lenders rankings are not a survey of the entire residential mortgage-lending market, however. They are based on data provided by some of the nation’s top lenders that are interested in being recognized for their outstanding performance. Their rankings follow a thorough and comprehensive verification process, which makes them confident that they are accurate and reliable.

Plaza has ranked very well in the 2016 rankings! We have come in 12th in overall volume, 4th in Wholesale volume and 5th in Correspondent volume! 

To read the full article and to see us listed in the rankings, please click here

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