Plaza Program Guidelines

Conventional Program GuidelinesDocument Date
Conforming ARM2/5/2019
Conforming Fixed2/5/2019
DU Refi Plus and High Balance12/18/2018
Fannie Mae Retained Conforming and High Balanced Fixed6/5/2018
Freddie Mac Retained Conforming Fixed 7/30/2018
High Balance ARM2/5/2019
High Balance Fixed2/5/2019
Home Possible Conforming & Super Conforming2/5/2019
HomeReady Conforming and High Balance Fixed 2/5/2019
HomeStyle Conforming and High Balance Fixed2/19/2019
LP Relief Refinance and Super Conforming Fixed12/18/2018
One-Time Close Construction Program Guidelines4/1/2019
Super Conforming ARM2/5/2019
Super Conforming Fixed2/5/2019
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Correspondent GuidelinesDocument Date
Closed-End Second Liens - Correspondent5/7/2019
Conforming ARM Program Guidelines - Correspondent4/16/2019
Conforming Fixed Program Guidelines -Correspondent4/16/2019
Converted One Time Close Construction-to-Permanent Program Guidelines - Correspondent 5/14/2019
DU Refi Plus Retained Program Guidelines -Correspondent12/18/2018
Elite Jumbo Fixed and ARM Program Guidelines - Correspondent4/16/2019
Elite Jumbo Non-QM Fixed - Correspondent4/16/2019
Elite Plus Jumbo Fixed and ARM Program Guidelines - Correspondent4/16/2019
Elite Plus Jumbo Non-QM Fixed & ARM - Correspondent4/16/2019
FHA 203(h) Program Guidelines -Correspondent1/7/2019
FHA 203(k) Program Guidelines - Correspondent1/7/2019
FHA Fixed and ARM Program Guidelines - Correspondent3/8/2019
FHA Streamline Refinance Program Guidelines -Correspondent12/31/2018
High Balance Access Program Guidelines - Correspondent5/20/2019
High Balance ARM Program Guidelines -Correspondent4/16/2019
High Balance Fixed Program Guidelines -Correspondent4/16/2019
Home Possible Conforming & Super Conforming Program Guidelines -Correspondent4/12/2019
HomeReady Fixed Program Guidelines -Correspondent4/16/2019
HomeStyle Conforming and High Balance Fixed Program Guidelines -Correspondent4/16/2019
LP Relief Refinance Fixed Program Guidelines -Correspondent12/18/2018
Solutions Non-QM Program Guidelines - Correspondent5/14/2019
Super Conforming ARM Program Guidelines -Correspondent2/5/2019
Super Conforming Fixed Program Guidelines -Correspondent2/5/2019
USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program Guidelines - Correspondent3/22/2019
VA Fixed and ARM Program Guidelines - Correspondent3/21/2019
VA IRRRL Program Guidelines - Correspondent12/31/2018
VA Renovation Program Guidelines - Correspondent3/21/2019
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Government Program GuidelinesDocument Date
FHA 203(h) 1/7/2019
FHA 203(k) 1/7/2019
FHA Fixed and ARM Conforming and High Balance 1/7/2019
USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing3/22/2019
VA Fixed and ARM3/21/2019
VA IRRRL12/31/2018
VA Renovation3/21/2019
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Non-Conforming & Second Lien Program GuidelinesDocument Date
AUS Non-Conforming5/7/2019
Closed-End Second Lien5/7/2019
Elite Jumbo Fixed and ARM4/16/2019
Elite Jumbo Non-QM Fixed4/16/2019
Elite Plus Jumbo Fixed and ARM Program Guidelines4/16/2019
Elite Plus Jumbo Non-QM Fixed & ARM4/16/2019
High Balance Access Program Guidelines5/20/2019
Preferred Jumbo Fixed and ARM Program Guidelines 4/23/2019
Solutions Non-QM Program Guidelines5/14/2019
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Product SnapshotsDocument Date
Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Correspondent Snapshot12/18/2018
Adjustable Rate Mortgages Snapshot12/18/2018
AUS Non-Conforming Snapshot5/7/2019
Closed-End Second Lien Snapshot12/31/2018
Conforming Fixed and ARM Snapshot2/5/2019
Conventional High Balance and Super Conforming Comparison2/5/2019
DU Refi Plus Retained Snapshot1/28/2019
Elite Jumbo Non-QM Snapshot4/16/2019
Elite Jumbo Snapshot4/16/2019
Elite Plus Jumbo Non-QM Snapshot4/16/2019
Elite Plus Jumbo Snapshot4/16/2019
Fannie Mae HomeReady Snapshot2/5/2019
Fannie Mae HomeStyle Snapshot12/4/2018
FHA 203(h) Snapshot1/28/2019
FHA 203(k) Snapshot 12/14/2018
FHA Fixed and ARM Snapshot12/31/2018
FHA Streamline Snapshot1/28/2019
Freddie Mac Home Possible Snapshot2/5/2019
Freddie Mac Relief Refinance Snapshot1/28/2019
High Balance Access Product Snapshot5/20/2019
Preferred Jumbo Snapshot4/23/2019
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Product Comparison Correspondent12/18/2018
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Product Comparison Wholesale12/18/2018
Solutions Non-QM Snapshot5/19/2019
USDA Rural Housing Snapshot3/22/2019
VA IRRRL Snapshot1/28/2019
VA Purchase or Cash Out Refinance Snapshot3/21/2019
VA Renovation Snapshot3/21/2019
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Underwriting GuidelinesDocument Date
Credit Guidelines10/12/2018
Texas Home Equity Section 50(a)(6)6/5/2018
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